Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Panel Number Three Completed

Panel number three, which controls the four sets of points for Anbeon yard, as well as the two oil sidings on the main line heading into Gunnedah, has been completed.

Once again I am very pleased with how the panels have turned out, the LED equipped buttons are super bright making route selection extremely clear.

Anbeon yard features two sets of points forming a crossover, and on the panel these two sets of points are operated simultaneously. If the single LED button in the centre of the crossover is pressed both sets of points change and that button is illuminated, and to set the points back to the straight ahead position, either of the two LED buttons for the straight ahead route can be pressed, with both LED buttons lighting up and the points changing to the straight ahead position. This is definitely a nice little feature of this method of point control.

The final panel to be completed is for the main Gunnedah yard section, this panel contains thirty-seven of the LED buttons, so will be by far the most time-consuming, but no doubt the most visually rewarding once completed.