Friday, December 22, 2017


It’s hard to believe another year has just about gone by, and more than likely for most people it has not been without its challenges, nonetheless, I hope that at this time of year a little bit of Christmas spirit touches everybody, and a very Merry Christmas is had by all.

My wife was very determined that we were going to have a very “Christmasy” Christmas this year, and has gone all out with the decorations. We are fortunate to have a nice sized back room that is just perfect for decorating, and decorated it certainly is.

The main feature (as far as I’m concerned haha) is the “Christmas Express”, which you can see in the video, chuffing its way through the snow covered winter wonderland.

Upon completion of this highly detailed, prototypically accurate, fine scale, miniature representation of the real thing, my wife and daughter questioned me as to why my layout is taking so long, when they have gotten this up and running and finished in only a couple of hours, clearly they are much better at this model railway caper than I am!

Best wishes to everybody over the holiday period, take care, be safe, and hopefully we will all get something a little railway related under the Christmas tree, and even if some of you steam buffs have been a little naughty, even a piece of coal won’t go astray haha……