Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tie Bar MkII.5!

Essentially I want to get something that at least given an impression of the real thing, as seen in the image kindly sent to me by Ray Pilgrim, which shows a set of points at Crookwell.

So I've added a second tie bar to the points just to check out the overall look and make sure it works ok. It seems to be easy enough to add and I think gives a reasonable representation, or at least it should once painted and weathered etc.

Time will tell, although I'm sure I'll find a few more ways to do this before I'm happy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Just a quick post this time as I haven't really done much of note over the past week or so.

Firstly, I had a bit more of a play with the tie bar design that activates the points, and have been able to fine down the size a bit more, and place it a little better so it sits neatly between the sleepers.

I've cut down the width so that there is almost nothing protruding from out under the rail on one side, so I should be able to ballast pretty much up to the rail side without hindering point movement, unlike using the whole sliding sleeper effect.

I've left a long bit sticking out of one side, as this will (attempt to!) replicate the point rodding that activates the points on the real thing. It will need a bit more shaping, fining out and obviously each set of points will need it in a particular size to suit it's location.

Am I going to install point rodding to begin with, no way. Would I like to at some point, definitely, and at least if I have something there to begin with it will save having to add something at a later date.

The cuts in the copper cladding will be filled with a bit of filler so they are not noticeable, but I figured a couple of cuts would be worthwhile as any touch between the tie bar and copper sleeper will produce a shot. Not that I can see any way of them touching, but Murphy's Law and all that stuff ..............

The other bit of news is that I recently won on Ebay a 45 (yes a record!) titled "Echoes of Steam - N.S.W.R. Steam at Work 1971-72" which features six recordings of various N.S.W.R. steam trains in action.

The cover made me chuckle a bit, with LOCOFONIC proudly sitting in the top right corner. Obviously a special kind of technology specifically designed for recording steam trains no doubt!

The recordings are surprisingly rich featuring a brilliant stereo effect, and with your eyes closed you feel like you are actually standing by the tracks as these giants pass by and the sound passes from one side to the other.

Highlights are probably the double headed Garratt's on a 1,200 tonne coal train tackling the 1 in 40 bank at Fassifern, a beautiful recording at Branxton Station where hearing the calls of the local magpies set the scene as a 3246 ambles to a stop, passengers alight and board, and then it wheel spins its way off again, and finally 3818 leaving Strathfield on a wet day heading back to Central, where its powerful exhaust beats signal the arriving power and then wild wheel spin occurs multiple times as it powers on towards its destination.

I'm not sure how common this record is, but if you are a fan of steam, and happen across a copy it's well worth getting.