Friday, May 11, 2018

475 Days

475 days ago the first length of curved track and single set of points (highlighted in green in the first picture) on the corner module leading into the main Gunnedah yard section was permanently laid and operational.

475 days later the last pieces of track, the extension of the grain silo road (closest to the backdrop) and the locomotive service roads (between the grain silo road and main line curving off to the right) on the corner module (highlighted in green in the second picture) at the opposite end of the main Gunnedah yard, have been laid and are operational.

This means that apart from the lift-out section that will go across the doorway and link to the proposed helix, all of the track, and points (31) on the layout proper are permanently in place and operational.

Whilst there is still lots to do on the layout, this is an exciting milestone to have finally reached, especially given the circumstances under which the layout has been constructed.



Phil White said...

Great progress Darren. I presume that you will operate it for a while to see if everything works before embarking on the scenery.

cheers Phil

Darren said...

Hi Phil,

Yes the plan is to run plenty of trains to make sure everything is working fine before any ballasting is done.

Each module does get tested once all of the wiring has been completed to make sure that each individual piece of track has power, and that all points are operating as they should, being able to test each module in the middle of the room is a big advantage in this regard.


Ray P said...


A big well done to your helpers.

Ray P