Saturday, November 28, 2009

Deck the Walls!

Sorry about the corny title for this post, but hey Christmas is nearly here and I couldn't help myself.

Sydney had another stinker today, it was about 37 degrees here on the Central Coast, so motivation was a little lacking for doing too much physical work. However, I have installed the first four wall brackets, and sat two 2400mm lengths of timber on each level to get an idea of how it's going to look.

I really agonised over the deck heights before screwing the brackets to the walls. At the moment the height of the two decks are sitting at 1390mm and 1580mm from the floor. This is slightly higher than I initially decided on, and I can lower them around 20-25mm without any moving of the brackets if this proves to be just a little too high.

The top deck is possibly marginally higher than I would have liked, although I'm still looking down across the rails so it's definitely not too high, but this allows me to have the bottom deck not too low, and the deck on the opposite side of the room should come in at around 1475mm which is pretty much ideal.

I quickly printed off a cloudy background image to show the look I will be going for. I'm not really into the typical blue skies look often used, and want to try to capture a slightly more dramatic looking scene. Getting the perspective of the background correct in relation to the deck height and viewing angles will be the challenge but if it all comes together hopefully I can add some depth and atmosphere to what is a fairly shallow scene.

Hopefully tomorrows temperature will be a little lower and I can get some more wall brackets mounted and maybe make a start on the actual modules.

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Gary Laker said...

Like the storm clouds Darren. 'Threatening skies' is a pleasant change from sunny blue!