Saturday, August 26, 2017

Meatworks Research

As a bit of an addendum to the previous update, I remembered a particular abattoir that I had seen pictures of, that was almost the perfect example of what I am trying to find for Gunnedah.

The abattoir in particular is the MacLaucghlin Meatworks, which was in use for an amazingly short period of time, built in 1938 and closing during 1942.

There is a detailed write-up on the NSW Railways Infrastructure and Operations blog site, as well as a great collection of extremely detailed photographs, a couple of which I have reproduce w, mainly to show what a great subject for a model this particular abattoir would make.


I also came across some other rather stunning pictures of this abattoir  that I thought   worthy of sharing.

From the Facebook page "Explored Visions by GD"

  And probably my favourite photograph is this one found on Flickr, 

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