Sunday, February 8, 2015

6 Years 11 Months 2 Days = 2530 Days = A Bloody Long Wait!

Regardless of the time they have taken to arrive, I could not have been happier to pick up my 48 Class from Bob's Hobbies yesterday afternoon.

I ticked the option box when I paid in full on the 5/3/2008 to have the model weathered, and although I can't thank them by name because I have no idea who their "in house" weatherer is, they've done a great job on my 4801. I asked for it to be "medium"weathered and I think they nailed it.

Until I organise a DCC sound decoder to be fitted I'll just have to admire it stationary in the cabinet, but the test run at Bob's revealed a dead quiet and beautifully smooth operating unit.

The detail is crisp, the colour looks good, and overall it is a stunning little model. You tend to forget what a small unit they were, and as a model they are truly tiny.

Apologies for the dodgy iPhone pics, but we all like pics so I'm sure they are better than nothing.

Apart from that there's not too much happening, although I'm going to have a stab at putting together a pretty simple loop around the spare room walls to have something to run some trains on now that the "big layout" is off the table.

I'm going to use the foam insulating boards you can get at Bunnings, and they'll basically sit on top of book shelving around the room. I'll do some basic scenery and just enjoy watching some of my stuff trundling around.

Hopefully some updates in the coming weeks will appear here!


Ray P said...


It looks nice.

I will have to weather mine after I fit a sound decoder but first I have to fill and paint over the hole for the flettner vent as I model late 1965 and the vents were fitted in the mid-1970's. I have already taken care of the yellow on the buffing plates, etc. and the yellow horns.

I hope things are going OK with you.

Ray P

Darren said...

Hi Ray,

Technically like you I should have had the flettner vent and yellow buffing plate and step edges done as I've tried to keep everything to pre 1970 in general, but for now it can just stay as is.

Things are going "ok" health wise, not fantastic, but you just deal with each day as it comes and do what you can, enjoy today and worry about tomorrow tomorrow as such!