Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Bloggers

Firstly, to all those who have followed my blog over time, I'd like to take those opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

Christmas often begins early in my house, partly due to my dear wife having great trouble keeping presents until the 25th of December. I'm not complaining mind you, it's just the way it is.

First cab off the rank was a copy of Greg Edwards Track Manual, I think I got that a month or so back. I had no idea it had been ordered, I guess my ramblings about things I "need" are listened too more than I realise sometimes.

I'd also mentioned that Toms Hobbies had some 44's on sale for $150 a while back, and sure enough it had made it no further than from the PO Box to home and I was given a box to open that "was" for Christmas.

Last night it was decided that because our daughter was so excited about Christams that maybe we could open a present each night to extend the joy. Last night's random pick was three pairs of socks, but having said that these are the Rolls Royce of socks, proudly made in Crookwell NSW, and are without a doubt the most comfortable and long lasting socks I've ever owned. Go to and have a look, you will not find better, and it's nice to support a 4th Generation rural Australian company to boot. Anyway I digress.

Tonight's random pick for a present netted me a lovely little Mortar and Pestle about 10cm in diameter. So I like to cook you may say, well not quite, and if you'd read a few posts ago about my adventures with dirt and gravel, it was mentioned in the comments that a Morter and Pestle would be great for grinding up into fine dust various parts of the earth. I may have mentioned in a subtle way my plans for one in a conversation with the wife, and once again, my hobby needs have been fulfilled.

There's still a few pressies under the tree, so I'm wondering whether those conversations about "all layouts need at least three Garratt's" and "you can't have a streamlined 38 without a non streamlined one to balance it out" were listened to as astutely!


Rob said...

Hi Darre,
Where would we be without the support and patience of our wives / partners? All the best for Christmas and it looks like Santa is being good to you already


Darren said...

Hi Rob,

Indeed, having an understanding wife or partner makes the whole thing far more enjoyable.


The Nimmitabel Extension said...

Great work Darren, now you will need to carry small containers around in the car for when you spy dirt and rock samples. Merry Christmas and happy crushing. Darren