Monday, February 1, 2010

The Realisation of a Dream ....... Or at least the Beginning of It!

I think I mentioned in a previous post that as a fifteen or sixteen year old in around 1986, I attended a modeling clinic at Revesby where I fortunate enough to see up close sections of James McInerney’s Lambing Flat featuring the Wombat Flour Mill. The thing that blew me away the most (lest face it the whole thing was very high quality) was the track. Very fine rail, highly detailed will all the point rodding and levers, it was truly inspirational and something I thought I’d love to try to replicate one day.

So here I am some twenty four odd years later, and after being a non active modeller for probably twenty of those years, a package arrived today from Brunel Hobbies with seventy one yard lengths of code 55 rail, some flux and track gauges, all ready to finally begin down that path of hand laying track and points in an effort to capture that look I admired all those years ago.

I’ve added a few pics of Lambing Flat that I took on that day all those years ago, and although they don’t show in super fine detail the track, I think they still convey the overall look that inspired me. I just hope my abilities are able to produce a result even vaguely approachig this level of quality!


Geoff said...

Darren, can't wait to see your progress, all the hard decisions have been made. I love the black and white photo that you posted in the previous post. That should definitely be up on the wall in the train room to keep you focused. Good luck!

James said...

G'day Darren :o)
Nice to see your photos of LF from all those years ago (not to mention the kind words!). Glad to hear it has been an inspiration to your own fine work. Why don't you submit an article on your track (or anything else you care to write about!) to AMRM? We haven't had a 'scale track' article for quite a while.

James McInerney
Production Manager
Australian Model Railway Magazine