Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Workbench - Where It All Begins

I should elaborate a little on my first post in regard to Gunnedah "The Layout". At this point in time, there is no layout! Not a single piece of bench work has been made, nor a length of track laid, a DCC system not bought, or any scenery of sorts. However, there is plenty going on to keep me busy, and more than just a little broke!

For the past eleven months I've been collecting engines and rolling stock, track, scenery items, and more importantly as much information as I can on Gunnedah and the surrounding areas like track plans, photo's, the types of trains that ran through there etc etc.

As you can see from the photo, there is more than one project going at once on my slightly crowded work desk. My daughter doesn't understand why I don't just do one thing at a time, but as I said to her, what fun would that be.

Amongst the current projects are a small diorama with the first set of points I built, a GHG Guards Van kit (one of four), some tarpaulins for the coal hoppers as used for wheat haulage, slow motion point motor mechanisms and some other random things I've begun as the idea has come into my head.

As much as not having the space at the moment to really begin the layout is a little frustrating, it is giving me time to do a lot of planning rather than rushing in and making mistakes in haste, and in all honestly there are more things on the go than I have time to work on at the moment anyway.

I'll get some pics and information up on some of the current projects soon so be sure to pop back.

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